Shepherd Homes I, II, III

Good Shepherd Housing Foundation has developed a unique and successful partnership with Prince William County Community Services to provide safe, and affordable permanent housing. A wide range of supportive services for seriously mentally ill single adults in the three Shepherd Homes are provided on and offsite .

Participants pay 30% of their earnings for rent. Utilities and property management are taken care of by the Foundation. Over the years the homeless cycle for many disabled citizens has ended. Residents are provided with a wide range of mental health services and on-case site management in order to help each resident reach their highest level of independence.

Since 2012, Good Shepherd Housing Foundation has renovated two of the Shepherd Homes and has recently completes the renovation of Shepherd House III. Two of the houses were recipients of HUD funds through the Office of Housing and Community Development and Shepherd House III received a $400,000 grant from the Hylton foundation.

Program availability is by referral only from PWC Community Services.