Our 30th Anniversary

Providing HOPE by making home Possible.

Good Shepherd Housing Foundation and friends celebrated 30 years of providing housing and services to the individuals and families often left out of the abundance in our community. Pictured at the anniversary event are supporters and friends who have labored over the years to remember men and women with serious mental illness, and families with very low income.
Because of a mother’s concern for her adult son, with mental illness, and where he would live when his parents passed away, Good Shepherd Housing Foundation was born. 1989 saw the first group home, Shepherd I, come into being. And with the growing need in the community for more housing for people with mental illness, the Shepherds 2 and Shepherd 3 group homes were opened in the nineties.

All three benefit from the partnership with PWC community Services that provides the case management and full range of mental services to the clients in the three group homes. PWC Community still provides these critical services to the clients in our programs at no cost to Good Shepherd. As the years passed, GSHF felt the need to further their housing efforts for another group of people in the community that needed an advocate, families needing affordable rental housing. Seeing the gap, Good Shepherd purchased 11 townhomes and one condo to house families in need. 4 of the families in the townhomes receive case management thru the GSHF Housing Partnership Program. PWC Dept of Social Services has given a contribution toward case management and support services.

In 2008, The Shepherd Leasing Program was begun with Good Shepherd leasing several units in scattered apartment complexes for individuals.

In 2015 GSHF broaden their support to families with an adult member struggling with mental illness. This program continues to provide stability and permanency for people who can maintain independently in the community with support from PWC Community Services and the Foundation.

A new housing program, The Bridge House, will be introduced in December for service community personnel. We hope this will be the beginning of a new effort to support our military, teachers, police and nurses who assist us every day.

We also want to thank our anniversary sponsors: David and Janice Carr, Ted and Kathy Bean, Herb and Mary Pryor, Southern Builders, Bath Fitters, William Olson, our raffle volunteer Robyn Johanson and all our raffle basket donors.

The thirty years has only served to strengthen the commitment of Good Shepherd to continue in its mission to provide housing options to people
in their efforts to build strong futures in our community!


Please enjoy our video from our event.